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      Product name:YT-GD600 Steel Strip (Double Station) Winding Packaging Machine

      station) winding packaging machine

      GDC metal belt horizontal automatic winding packaging machine is a novel winding packaging machine specially researched, designed and manufactured by our company for the metallurgical industry. It has a good protective effect on steel belts from rust, corrosion and dust. It can be widely used in the outer packaging of ring objects such as copper tape, aluminum tape, bearings, steel wires, cables, and hoses.

      This machine has the advantages of high safety, fast packaging speed, wide packaging range and easy operation. It is your best choice to improve work efficiency, save working time, reduce product packaging costs, and improve product quality.

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      ◆ Basic Features:

      Adopt PLC microcomputer control.

      Use HMI touch screen operation.

      Manual/automatic working mode selection.

      Frequency conversion speed regulation, the degree of overlap of packaging tape can be set arbitrarily according to needs.

      It is easy to operate, touch input product's outer diameter, inner diameter, width, the system will automatically adjust the corresponding packaging parameters.

      Automatically alarm and display the fault content in Chinese.

      The tapered roller is automatically raised and lowered.

      Automatic positioning; automatic tape cutting.

      Novel design, convenient and adjustable packaging tension.

      ◆ Products Show:
      ◆ Technical Parameters:



      Metal belt width


      Outer diameter of metal belt


      Inner diameter of metal belt


      Packaging Materials

      Rolled composite paper tape W=60mm (or other winding materials)

      Ring speed

      v≤60r/min (frequency conversion adjustment)

      Roller height


      Roller bearing


      Overlap range

      Any overlap (adjustable)

      Total power


      Voltage frequency


      air pressure



      About 1500kg

      ★ The equipment can be customized according to the actual size of the object.